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What a Mortgage Rate Spike Means for Buyers, Sellers and Investors [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

By Christopher Elliott

Oct 31, 2018

Some of you are old enough to remember the exorbitantly high mortgage rates of the eighties, when the average 30-year fixed rate mortgage peaked above 18%. With mortgage rates so inflated it’s...

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Basics of Estate Planning

By Brandon Mink, CRPC®

Oct 17, 2018

Do I need a will?  What is a trust?  To answer these questions and more, one must have at least a basic level understanding of estate planning.  According to Investopedia, "Estate planning is the...

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Are Financial Advisors Still Relevant in a Digital World?

By Christopher Elliott

Oct 02, 2018

A Guide to Determining if You Should Work with a Financial Advisor

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