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Are Financial Advisors Still Relevant in a Digital World?

A Guide to Determining if You Should Work with a Financial Advisor

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Besides health and legal considerations, careful thought should also be given to one's finances.  The question is, "Should you take a do-it-yourself approach or hire a financial professional?"  Well, only YOU can answer that question, but this post may help you determine which path is right for you.

Financial professionals go by many names—financial advisors, financial planners, and wealth managers—just to name a few.  Although there are slight nuances between the titles, their purpose is to work with you to identify your short and long-term financial goals, help educate you on your investment options, and provide you with a personalized plan for reaching them.

View this 10-page guide to learn more about the topics listed below...

Chapter 1: Breaking Down Misconceptions

  • Misconception #1: A financial advisor just offers stock picks and executes transactions for me
  • Misconception #2: Financial advisors are only for the rich
  • Misconception #3: A financial advisor is just interested in getting paid and doesn't operate with my best interests in mind

Chapter 2: Determining the Advisory Relationship for You

  • The traditional advisor
  • The robo advisor
  • The hybrid approach

Chapter 3: Choosing the Right Advisor for you

  • How do you work with people my age and income?
  • How are you paid?
  • Will you act in my best interest?
  • What's your track record?
  • How often will I hear from you?
  • How can I monitor my investments and access my plans in between meetings?

Chapter 4: What to Expect at Your First Meeting & Beyond

  • Gather data, discuss goals, establish a plan
  • Typical "big picture" questions are...
  • Be open and honest

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Christopher Elliott

During his previous eight-year career track as a financial advisor, Chris learned the principles of investment management and holistic financial planning. Over time, he shifted his talents to marketing but remained in the financial services industry as he knew so well the important work financial advisors carry out on behalf of their clients to help them achieve their financial goals. Chris is part of the American Marketing Association (AMA). He enjoys translating macroeconomic, geopolitical, and market events into meaningful content for the general public.